Frisco Stucco Contractors

Are you considering a stucco exterior for a residential or commercial project? The Frisco stucco contractors from Correa Masonry have extensive experience working with this time-tested material. Because stucco can be placed directly over brick or concrete, it’s extremely versatile and a great option for new construction, remodeling and restoration projects.

If you’re interested in learning more about stucco, or simply need an estimate on this finish, contact our stucco contractors in Frisco TX. We’d love to hear more about your project and how stucco can help bring your vision to life!

What are the Advantages of Using Stucco?

Stucco is an attractive exterior finish that offers exceptional durability, outlasting both wood and vinyl. It holds up well to all types of climates, which is important here in Texas where we see many different types of weather!

Here are some of the reasons why we recommend stucco for many of our projects:

  • Can be finished in virtually any color – no painting required
  • Provides excellent insulation for heating and cooling
  • Durable, fire resistant and mold resistant, lowering insurance premiums
  • Maintenance costs are low; minor repairs are easy to make
  • Able to be installed over brick, wood or concrete

As you can see, stucco is a nice looking, low maintenance and versatile exterior finish. No wonder why we get so many requests for this material!

Why Choose Our Frisco Stucco Contractors for Your Project

Established in 2010, Correa Masonry has over 12 years working with stucco and other masonry materials. We offer quick turnarounds on estimates and proposals, and we finish projects on time and on budget. We don’t have any trouble keeping our teams well-staffed, and this manpower allows us to follow dependable schedules.

Additional reasons to choose our stucco contractors in Frisco TX are:

  • Free estimates, free consultations and competitive bids
  • Family-owned and operated with plenty of manpower
  • Great work at affordable rates
  • Commercial projects backed by a one-year warranty
  • All masons are OSHA-certified

Correa Masonry would love to hear more about your project! We’ll make sure that stucco is the best finish for the job, as well as the pros and cons to be aware of. We’ll then create a plan that lets you know what’s entailed to complete your project. Contact our Frisco stucco contractors to start the process.