Masonry is one of the oldest vocations in the history of time. The first thing people wanted to do was put a roof over their heads. And with masonry, they could do just that! Protection against the elements and wildlife back meant survival for the human race, which is why masonry is so important even today.

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Let’s help you understand masonry better and why you should always choose professional masonry services for construction.

Understanding the Timeless Craft of Masonry

We’ve already touched on the historical significance of masonry and how it shaped the origins of the human race. Simply put, masonry is the art of using a variety of materials like brick, stone, and concrete to build a structure. This process also involves the use of a plastering material like cement to form a strong bond between the building materials.

Aside from that fact, masonry has also helped differentiate different cultures and their approach to the craft. People can observe the different styles of masonry followed around the world. While most of the world today opts for either brick or concrete-based masonry, landmark buildings are where the cultural masonry difference comes to the fore.

Here are a few examples of different masonry styles that can be seen around the world. Rubble masonry is popular in the UK, and several of the castles that stand to this day are built with this. The Pyramids of Giza utilize stone masonry, and ashlar masonry is used for building during the Renaissance period.

Why Choose Masonry for Construction Projects?

The number of people switching to masonry for their construction has been increasing. The reason is simple – masonry offers several tangible benefits. Buildings created through masonry are exceptionally durable and strong. They offer the best resistance to degradation and keep people safe during disasters like hurricanes or strong winds.

Another benefit of masonry is that the materials used have inherent fire resistance. For people living in dry areas, using masonry can be the best alternative to other materials like wood or bamboo. Masonry is also very versatile and can be adapted to modern architectural designs without any compromises in structural integrity.

Professional Masonry Services – Benefits

When you’re looking to build or improve your construction, you should always opt for a professional masonry contractor. Here are several reasons why that can help you in the long run.

Expert craftsmanship – A masonry project is not just functional but also adds an aesthetic element to your building. With professional contractors, you can expect highly skilled people to give you exactly what you envisioned for the project. They can also get it done in a much quicker time than inexperienced contractors.

Improved durability – Professional builders use better materials and are more knowledgeable about masonry techniques. This results in more durable construction that is safer for longer.

Higher property value – A huge plus for people opting for masonry is that it improves your property value. Depending on the type of project, masonry can offer increases of even 100% when executed by professionals.

Lower maintenance – Masonry, when done right, offers owners the lowest maintenance requirements compared to other types of construction. The reason is the materials used are harder wearing, resulting in longer life without any need for repairs.

Traditional and Modern Masonry Techniques

There are two broad categories of masonry that have clearly demarcated styles and uses over the years. One is traditional masonry, and the other is modern masonry.

Traditional Masonry

When people say masonry, they mean traditional masonry. These masonry techniques have been unchanged for thousands of years. Even today, traditional masonry is more prevalent around the world because it is simple, cheap, and robust. Here are a few traditional masonry techniques that are still popular in the world –

  • Bricklaying
  • Dry stone
  • Ashlar masonry
  • Rubble masonry

Advantages of Traditional Masonry

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Cost-effective
  • Uses local materials

Modern Masonry

In the last few decades, masonry has changed for the better. With improving science and technology, material choices have also changed. And this has positively impacted masonry. Today’s masonry materials are far more durable and robust than traditional masonry. To get the best results, contractors opt to build the core with modern materials and add a traditional exterior shell. These are a few modern masonry techniques –

  • Prefabricated block
  • Reinforced masonry
  • Stone veneer
  • 3D printing

Advantages of Modern Masonry

  • Improved materials
  • Higher durability
  • Better thermal efficiency

While masonry hasn’t changed for centuries, when it comes to your projects, you need a professional contractor like Correa Masonry LLP. We have completed hundreds of projects in the Dallas, TX area, and we look forward to engaging with you on your next construction project!