Plano Stucco Contractors

If you are considering a stucco finish for your new construction or renovation project, you’re making a great choice! As you’ll learn from our Plano stucco contractors, this exterior finish is attractive, durable and low maintenance. It’s a great pick for residential and commercial projects, and you can guarantee a nice return on investment.

To get the ball rolling on your next project, or to simply speak with one of our stucco contractors in Plano TX, contact Correa Masonry today. We are an experienced masonry contractor with plenty of experience in stucco finishes. Together, we can give your project the life it deserves!

What Makes Stucco a Great Exterior Finish?

The exterior of a home or building is meant to leave an impression on guests and visitors. At the same time, you want the finish to be easy to care for and repair. So what choices are available? While most masonry materials will fit this criteria, stucco does offer unique advantages.

Here’s why stucco makes an excellent exterior finish for both residential and commercial structures:

  • It’s fire resistant. This keeps the structure and its occupants safe, plus often lowers insurance premiums.
  • It’s easy to install. Our Plano stucco contractors can usually install stucco in a few days. It can also go directly over brick or stone.
  • It’s weather resistant. A stucco finish won’t be compromised in poor weather. It blocks wind and expands and contracts with the weather.
  • It’s low maintenance. Stucco does not need to be repainted, reinstalled, replaced or regularly cleaned. Usually, just a power washing is needed to restore its vibrancy.

Why Choose Our Stucco Contractors in Plano TX

Correa Masonry is a premier masonry company with over 12 years of experience. We have plenty of manpower to complete our clients’ projects on time and on budget – and this includes all punchwork! All masons are highly skilled and experienced, and they follow the latest safety rules and regulations.

To ensure the highest safety standards, all masons are also OSHA-certified. They will show up to the job site on time and ready to work, ensuring your project moves according to schedule. To set up a consult for masonry work, contact our Plano stucco contractors today.